All Time British Favourite – Oxtail

For the Cookisto on 23 October I’m cooking an all time British favourite – Oxtail. Still a relatively cheap cut (although not as cheap as it was) it is one of the tastiest parts of the animal.

The French have daubes, the Italians stracotti and we have stews – not such a romantic word unfortunately, but they are an integral part of our cooking tradition.

You can only cook cheap cuts long and slow as, for example, oxtail is formed of connective tissue, muscle fibre and collagen, which toughens the meat up if cooked too quickly and ends up like an old boot with the laces still in it.  It’s no good coming in from work and knocking up a dish like this unless you want to be eating at midnight.  You have to plan ahead if cooking these cheap cuts – so why not leave it to me? Come home from work to a meal with a divine aroma and a gorgeously rich sauce. I make no excuses about adding a wallop of port to my Oxtail on the 23rd, it deserves as much molly-coddling as the best fillet steak.

Book early either on my website, drop me an email or even give me a bell. If you’ve not had a Cookisto before, you will be in for a very pleasant surprise. Just £8.00pp with potato and parsnip mash to accompany. Yum!

Faggots 'n Peas - a West country favourite

Cookisto returns on 16th January offering a West country classic; Faggots & Peas. Apparently the posh name for these savoury delights is Savoury Ducks! Faggots are meatballs wrapped in caul, which melts as it cooks, moistening and flavouring the meat (these meatballs contain offal). There is a choice of fresh or mushy peas and mash to go with them. £7.50pp.