Gorgeous Cullen Skink after the 'Scottish' play

A cold night and an amazing film, then home with friends to this lovely, warming, creamy bowl of soup.  It went beautifully with homemade wholemeal bread.  We finished off our supper with some cracking mature Cheddar and my Rye bread with fennel and sultanas.  Almost makes you look forward to winter!!!

Cullen Skink

Cullen Skink

Tasty Salmon Coulibiac

This Friday’s Cookisto offering is Salmon Coulibiac.  

Salmon and lots of delicious goodies, including rice, mushrooms, spinach and herbs, packed into a puff pastry crust. Traditionally, the filling has chopped hardboiled eggs, but I’m saving that element for a divine Egg, Mustard & Sorrel Sauce. Put your orders in soon! See you Friday evening.

Friday 21st November sees me globe-trotting again, this time with a Vietnamese Chicken Curry. This dish is more like a light soup with light, fragrant ingredients, rather than the spicy richness of dishes from the Indian sub-continent. Watch out for updates on my website...

Both dishes a mere £8 per person! Di :-)