Sourdough Revelations!

I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew 'sourdough bread guru' Whitley on Wednesday evening whilst attending his latest book launch at Impact Hub located right in the heart of a rejuvenated  King Cross area in London. 

In short - he turned my understanding of the sourdough making process on its head. Andrew's thoughts and anecdotes made for an informative and extremely enjoyable evening. 

As a co-founder of the Real Bread Campaign and a trustee of the Soil Association, Andrew's philosophy and lifetime dedication to the greater awareness of food and its relationship with modern society is exceptional. 

Andrew's passion with wholesome bread began when he was a student travelling across the Soviet Union, which was a far cry from the low nutrient, white 'pap' gaining popularity in the UK. He brought back some sourdough starter, who's descendants / DNA he still sells to this day. 

More information about his latest book 'Do Sourdough – Slow Bread for Busy Lives' can be found here or click on the cover below - next to my fangirl piccie...