Introduction to bread making

I am a Bread Angel!

The Bread Angels home baking network was founded by Jane Mason of Virtuous Bread fame and was created to allow people around the world to buy, make, learn about, share, and eat good bread. The initiative is growing healthily, so I'm really chuffed to join the worldwide ranks of over 200 Bread Angels!

I have been making bread for many years and am still fascinated by the process whereby such simple, basic ingredients: flour, water, salt and yeast, interact in endlessly complex ways to produce a bewildering variety of breads - each one in itself unique.

Making bread can be as easy or difficult as you choose to make it and I would love to show you how easy it really can be and enthuse you to produce some basic but absolutely delicious breads.

The fascination with making bread is that there are no fixed rules, no definites, no absolutes, only guidelines tempered by experience. Oven type, proving time and temperature, hydration, type and condition of flour, speed and length of mixing, and baking temperature, all influence the final result. 



The Introduction to Bread Making course,which includes lunch, costs £70 per person and is available to book on the following dates:

  • Wed 01.02.2017   10:30-15:00

  • Wed 08.02.2017   10:30-15:00

  • Sun 12.02.2017   10:30-15:00

  • Wed 15.02.2017   10:30-15:00

  • Sun 05.03.2017 10:30-15:00

  • Sun 12.03.2017   10:30-15:00

  • Wed 22.03.2017   10:30-15:00

  • Sun 02.04.2017   10:30-15:00

  • Wed 12.04.2017   10:30-15:00

  • Wed 19.04.2017   10:30-15:00

Bookings should be made through the Bread Angels website at: