How do you like your food? DiCooks is a fresh culinary service that's big on flavour, home cooked to perfection and produced from quality ingredients.

On alternate Friday nights, Cookisto gives you a real alternative to the usual High Street take-away after a tiring week at work.

I will be offering a delicious, home cooked dish which can be ordered by 4pm on the preceding Wednesday for collection from my kitchen in Aston on the Friday.

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Diana invites you and your guests to her dining / open kitchen, where she will cook a divine meal to remember. You can choose to dine more, or less formally, bringing your own wine (no corkage charge) and donating an amount which you think is appropriate for the meal you have been served.

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Flour, yeast, salt and water is all that is required to produce a loaf of niceness. Choose from a crusty white loaf, country style seeded, wholemeal, spelt or - they are all nutritious, delicious, keep well and can be frozen with hardly any detriment to texture or flavour. Or try a speciality bread like foccacia or maneesh.

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If you care about your family's nutrition you may be interested to follow these links - some of the facts contained are somewhat disconcerting:

About the Chorleywood Fast Bread Process
Think you eat only healthy, unprocessed foods? Think again.- REALLY SCARY - 'MUST READ'.